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K&M Group focuses on new and existing land development projects in urban Alberta markets. We are a full-service company that takes land development from an idea through to completion. We are renowned for our leadership, project management, engineering, marketing and sales skills. We know what it takes the build thriving residential communities and commercial properties. Our significant experience with municipal governments, project management, and contract management helps us provide exceptional service at below-market rates. K&M Group operates in mid-sized urban cities, towns and counties, where we are very well known and respected at the municipal level of government. We actively work with our network of high-quality sub-contractors and construction professionals to produce exceptional results.
Subdivision Plan

Land Development Process

PLANNING From project design and regulatory process, through project management and construction K&M provides professional support to our clients. Our experience in planning, risk management and business modelling will ensure that all plans are supported by robust business plans and strategies from start to finish. DETAILED DESIGN Our team provides exceptional design collaboration and construction on all projects. We will provide all projects with experienced engineering design using in-house resources thereby reducing the cost of engineering to our clients. CONSTRUCTION Detailed Engineering, Site Management, and Construction are our specialties. We are on site while the work is being done, providing on-site management and leadership. With this level of oversight, we ensure that all projects are completed on time and on budget. MARKETING AND SELLING K&M prides itself on understanding the markets that we work within. We will create innovative marketing solutions and sales strategies that will effectively target the market to generate positive returns on investment.

Canadian Home Sales Rise for a Fourth Straight Month

Canada’s housing market showed continued signs of stabilizing in August, with sales rising for a fourth straight month and prices easing.

The number of transactions rose 0.9 percent from July to 39,366 units, the Canadian Real Estate Association said Monday from Ottawa. Sales in Toronto, the nation’s biggest city, advanced 2.2 percent and rose 2.9 percent in Vancouver.

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The battle to curb our appetite for concrete

We extract billions of tonnes of sand and gravel each year to make concrete for the building industry, and this is having an increasing environmental impact as beaches and river beds are stripped, warn campaigners.

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Canada doesn’t have enough apartments for everyone who wants one.

Canada’s overall vacancy rate dropped for a second year in a row, as demand for rental housing grew at a faster pace than supply, according to the Canada Mortgage Housing Corp.
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Fully employed young professionals can’t afford rent: The plight of big city renters.

The national rental vacancy rate has taken a dive and rental horror stories are growing, forcing renters to consider whether the payoffs of living in a big city are worth the cost, both financially and in terms of quality of life.
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