About K&M Group

Our company is capable of providing a full-service land development capability in residential and commercial projects. We are experienced and flexible enough to assume control of a project at any stage of the process to enable the success and profitability. Our team creates value to our clients primarily through the provision of professional project management, engineering, construction management, marketing and sales services.K&M works through wholly owned land development projects, in collaboration with third party real estate investment groups and as primary contractors for development clients. This range of experience and capability is what allows K&M Group to step in and provide leadership of any project at any stage from inception through to completion.

With a specific focus on being collaborative and results orientated, our team provides clients with the best options for creating value through growth, development and expansion of investments.

Troy Grant - President

Troy Grant, BMASc, PLog, CD

Troy is a seasoned executive in development and construction through three decades of experience across public and private sector organizations. Retiring after 25 years of service with the Canadian Armed Forces where he was employed as a professional logistician and planner. He was involved in design and construction of projects in Canada and overseas. After his military career, Troy joined Sturgeon County as the General Manager responsible for Economic Development and Land Use Planning and Development. The owner of Landrex Inc recruited Troy to take on the role as President of Landrex, during this time he led all aspects of land development for one of the largest private developers in the Alberta Capital Region. The time at Landrex allowed Troy to become adept at design, development and marketing and sales. Troy then started K&M Business Solutions Inc in 2013, since rebranded K&M Group in 2016. Since inception, K&M has taken off as an advanced land development company with a growing list of clients.

Suparna Malhotra

Suparna Malhotra, BEng, PMP

Corporate Engineer

Suparna is a civil engineer with a decade of experience in engineering design and construction. Originally from India, Suparna worked as a Project Engineer in design and construction of infrastructure projects with Siemens International. She also progressed onto increasing leadership roles as an Operations Manager for MR Chemicals in India. In 2015, Suparna brought her talents to Edmonton and has been working in the Canadian construction industry continuing to excel at civil engineering and project management. Suparna is an accomplished civil engineer capable of design, detailed construction design, tender processes, and all aspects of civil land development. Her expertise allows K&M Group to effectively manage all aspects of engineering design with precision, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Jocelyn Whaley

With a strong background in regulatory development, Jocelyn provides our team with the knowledge and where-with-all to manage those municipally installed planning hurdles! So, when it comes to your subdivision, development or zoning needs; Jocelyn will run the relay for you!

Inclusive with Jocelyn’s planning ability she is a strategist in successful business and government relations (Federal, Provincial, Civic & Inter-Municipal) and is well versed in policy writing and implementation in the areas of government administration, communication, conflict resolution, planning and administrative law.

Jocelyn has developed a versatile skill set that equips her with the ability to draft and complete strategy documents and implementation plans, manage and mentor teams, research, complete and present reports; and sell new and innovative ideas and procedures to both government and those in business or working with the government.

Jocelyn’s strongest asset is her ability to speak for the listener, so in facilitated sessions/consultations, she assists levels of Government, Businesses and Residents to communicate with ease.

This enables her to be our strong asset in collaborative relations. With the growing needs of a global economy, governments need to speak to each other and business needs a trusted translator for what government programs actually say. When you come to KandM Group, Jocelyn will be happy to assist you!

Greg Leonard, CD

Project manager

Greg is a project manager with over a decade of experience in the construction industry, focussing his journeyman skills primarily in the plumbing, gas fitting, and pipe fitting.

Originally from Montreal, Greg completed 25 years of military service within the PPCLI and retired in 2004 with multiple overseas and domestic operations in his planning portfolio, subsequently Greg began his second career.

With particular skills in adapting to ever-changing environments, he worked on multiple construction projects spanning residential, commercial, and industrial marketplaces.

On one of his larger projects, Greg supervised a crew responsible for significant plumbing installation in the new Edmonton Remand Centre. He also has a wealth of experience in building and testing of pipelines and pipeline servicing.

Greg brings substantial years of leadership training to our team and allows K&M the flexibility to manage projects of all types, with precision, efficiency and cost-effectiveness with a motto of “on time and on budget”.

Don McGeachy

Sales and Marketing

Don is an experienced sales and marketing executive with over three decades in construction management and sales. His experience includes construction of subdivisions, large-scale industrial, commercial and new home. Don has also served two terms as a municipal councillor in Sturgeon County allowing him to gain valuable experience in municipal, regional, provincial and federal regulatory requirements and processes.

Large or small Don and our team have the experience to market and sell projects of any size. We look forward to bringing your projects to life.

Sheri Grant, CD

Office Manager

Sheri is an experienced administrative professional with over 18 years of experience in managing logistics in the Canadian Army. Sheri has worked primarily in managing back-office services in large organizations with responsibility for coordinating and handling administrative HR duties: on-boarding, pay & benefits, training & development, document & knowledge management, as well as customer service. Sheri will be leading the organization and execution of back-office functions for K&M Group to ensure that our front-line operations are prepared and running at peak performance through her exceptional organization skills. Sheri will also passionately lead our high level of customer service standards in our daily operations.