Detailed Services

K&M Group is a full-service land development firm focused on the urban market around Alberta’s Capital Region.We work in three distinct service models:

K&M Group Service Model

1. Greenfield Projects – K&M Group is always evaluating land development opportunities in the Alberta Capital Region. We work in the land development of residential and commercial projects across mid-urban markets. Our focus is on developing vibrant and thriving community-based projects that will help enhance the cities, towns and counties we work in. We are proud to work closely with municipal governments, local businesses and residences to ensure we leave a positive impact in each community. If you think you have a land development opportunity, please contact us, we could be your next buyer.

2. Project Consultant – K&M Group also works as lead consultants with investment clients looking for land development and construction opportunities. Our investment group clients contract us to bring our wealth of expertise on land development to assist in new opportunity evaluation and feasibility studies. K&M will work with the client to evaluate the best opportunities to unlocking development and construction value in an investment. K&M offers investor groups exceptional value since we are a full-service firm capable of taking each idea from conception to completion as a turnkey provider. If you have an investment that you are looking for expert advice on, please contact us for an initial consultation.

3. Project Recovery – K&M Group also assists our investment clients with the recovery of distressed assets and projects. Land development is not an easy investment opportunity and not all developers have the same level of experience or professionalism. K&M Group has been building a solid brand and reputation in being known for professional effective execution on development and construction projects. We have successfully helped our clients stabilize and complete projects in jeopardy of failure. Our expertise allows us to step in at any stage of a project and evaluate the economic viability of successful completion or simply cost recovery strategies. Once a recovery strategy is determined with the client, K&M is capable of bringing its turn-key service to successfully execute on the recovery of the project. If you have a distressed asset or project in jeopardy of failure, do your due diligence and contact us for an initial consultation.