Expertise in Process

K&M Group has taken an innovative approach to the processes associated with land development and construction, as well as the vertical construction of homes and commercial buildings. Due to this detailed understanding of these processes, we are able to break the process into discernible phases for effective and efficient execution during each project.

Our company has experience in every phase of development. The following are the phases as we have defined them; we do not subscribe to the idea that this is a linear process; therefore, we focus on concurrent activity where possible.

The following are the phases as we have defined them; we do not subscribe to the idea that this is a linear process; therefore, we focus on concurrent activity where possible:

1. Initiating/Selection – The initiating stage is about opportunity evaluation. Our team is committed to site selection, verification of title, review of appropriate municipal laws, market study, demographic study, development of a draft concept plan, development of a draft budget, draft timelines, purchase agreements and overall economic feasibility report. 2. Project Planning – We use a corporately developed project template that allows our team to efficiently design the construction timelines and overlay regulatory demands to ensure that we all understand the project parameters and process steps required to enable success. 3. Regulatory Process – K&M has spent years building relationships with municipal governments and administrations to make certain that we understand what they need and are in a position to help our clients get their projects approved. During the regulatory process, we are committed to the due diligence required to ensure that the project will comply with all environmental, traffic, and all other municipal, provincial, and federal laws. 4. Pre-design Services – This stage sees the development permits and agreements created, as well as detailed scheduling, tender packages, and design meetings to ensure that the project will meet the demands of the client, municipality, and our own standards for high-quality work. 5. Design Process – Detailed design, issued for construction drawings, and finalization of development agreements and permits are completed during this phase. The detailed drawings include site grading plans, stripping plans, landscaping plans, stormwater plans, sanitary sewer plan, water distribution, shallow utility design and all other related drawings and plans. 6. Contract Management – The initial contracting stage we will see our detailed tender documents completed and issued for bids. Our company strongly believes in tendering projects to ensure that we are capable of taking advantage of the best value for the best price. At this stage, we are concluding our detailed budgets and construction timelines. We work closely with the team that we contract to ensure that we provide all drawings to the sub-contractors, coordinating all field tests, ensuring the site safety aspects are adhered to. All shop drawings are completed and submitted for approval, warranty reviews are conducted, and constant communications and situational updates are provided to our clients. From providing the tender documents through to contract issuance we ensure that all aspects of the contract are adhered to and the services paid for are delivered. 7. Construction/Site Management – Construction phase includes all aspects of earthworks, deep utility construction, shallow utilities construction, and surface work as well as landscaping. During this phase, we will have our own project manager on site every day to ensure that all aspects of the plan are respected and properly constructed. Once the construction is underway our team will ensure that all on-site field testing is conducted with the information from the tests reviewed and filed for subsequent and timely construction completion certificates. Our hands-on approach allows us to ensure projects are executed correctly on time and on budget. 8. Safety – Our company is proud to boast a 100% perfect safety record. Time and people are the resources that must be preserved. Our attention to onsite management ensures that we take every action to ensure safety is the top priority for all our sites. 9. Project Closeout – We provide close-out certificates based on our construction completion certificate, final acceptance certificate, issuance of relevant building certificates and provision of any operating manuals required. 10. Marketing and Sales – K&M is capable of creating and executing marketing and sales strategies for all our clients. We will take our knowledge of the target market through the market, demographic and economic feasibility studies to determine the ideal pricing, marketing and sales channels to create the most value for each project.